Tokyo to Texas

This month’s London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) loco London training courses attracted participants from all over the world, from Tokyo to Texas, including Liverpool and Lugano.

The two modules, “An Introduction to loco London”  and “How to use Loco London”,  are designed as stand-alone courses and can be attended separately.  Several attendees opted for a deep dive and took the two courses on consecutive days.  Others preferred to split the courses over a few months, either due to busy schedules or a natural preference for consolidating new knowledge before moving onto the next level.  Those who have a basic knowledge of the market can jump straight into the “How to use” session.

The combination of a core group that attended both days plus the influx of new faces on the second day, made for lively Q&A sessions and interesting shared insights during the group workshops.

“Fantastic course, very informative, enjoyable and really interesting insight to the bullion market. I really got a lot out of it.”

“Competent speaker, good atmosphere, Nice mixed group from a lot of branches of the industry”

The next Introduction to Loco London course will be split over two London afternoons (15-16 September) to accommodate both European and US based attendees. Further course dates are being firmed up and will be confirmed shortly. Keep an eye on Upcoming Courses for dates and links to register.