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Our professionals blend many years’ derivatives execution and risk management experience gained at top tier banking institutions with business focussed and proactive training methods. We explain complex technical issues in a way that make them easy to understand. Up-to-date case studies and workshops based on our current consulting projects are a key element of our practical and interactive approach to learning.

Emma Jenkins


Emma Jenkins, Managing Director

Emma has over 20 years of banking experience and a First Class Honours degree and gold medal in Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin.

She commenced her banking career with Goldman Sachs, and has enjoyed working for several other top-class institutions both in London and Australia.

Emma’s experience encompasses precious and base metals, energy and agricultural commodities.  She specialises in commodity derivative pricing and structuring.  Her clients range from central banks and regulators, large miners, traders and manufacturers, wealth managers, through to small import/export businesses, thereby giving her a unique insight into the issues facing the many market participants.

Emma commenced her banking career in the Goldman Sachs graduate program.  At Westpac Banking Corporation she was responsible for the design and implementation of derivative pricing models for the interest rate and FX trading desks.  Emma moved into the commodity arena when she joined Credit Suisse to market complex hedge structures in precious metals and associated financings.  She later joined Macquarie Bank as a specialist commodity director, where she provided a complete banking service to clients in the base and precious metals, and oil and gas sectors.

Emma is also a director of a Cambridge Risk which specialises in commodity price risk advisory and related expert witness work.

Emma holds a BSc Hons, a gold medal and Foundation Scholarship in Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin.  She chaired the Public Affairs committee of the London Bullion Market Association, and has spoken at conferences in Europe and Asia on commodity derivatives.  Emma is also a vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

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Andrew Jenkins


Andrew Jenkins, Director

Andrew has over 20 years experience in interest rate and credit derivatives.

His roles have encompassed market-making and execution of derivative trades, the development and implementation of pricing and risk models, and analysis of trading book exposures and complex portfolio positions. In addition to interest rate and credit derivative trading he has experience with life insurance and annuity structures, property derivatives and catastrophe bonds.

Following the 2007 Credit Crisis he worked on projects to stabilise the Royal Bank of Scotland balance sheet and counterparty exposure, including the Asset Protection Scheme with UK Treasury, covering an underlying portfolio of £340 billion of assets.

Recently his main focus has been on counterparty exposure management for derivative transactions, both from a trading and regulatory standpoint.

Andrew commenced his banking career trading bond options for Deutsche Bank in Australia in 1992. He expanded the business to include vanilla and exotic interest rate derivatives. He moved to London with Deutsche Bank in 1999 to work with the rapidly developing credit derivatives business, covering single name, multi-name and structured trades. In 2006 he joined Royal Bank of Scotland where he worked until 2014 as Head of Quantitative Analytics for Credit Derivatives, Emerging Markets and Counterparty Risk Development.

Andrew studied Engineering and Science at The University of Sydney, and was awarded the University Medal for Honours Computer Science. A strong mathematical background, and many years of programming experience in a financial environment provide him with the skills to design and implement systems for trading and risk management of complex products.

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Donald Douglas


Donald Douglas, Associate

Donald’s career in financial services and commodities spans more than 30 years. After qualifying as a Chartered accountant in Scotland, he worked with Deloitte in Brussels for 3 years. Working with J.P. Morgan, N M Rothschild and Cambridge Risk, Donald gained extensive experience developing risk models for banks and financial instruments for clients – in metals, interest rates and currencies.

Donald’s main area of expertise is working with commodities – precious and base metals – and with banks and mining companies.

At J P Morgan, he managed the entry of the London Office into the futures and derivatives markets and created hedging instruments for clients.

At Rothschilds, Donald set up the main regulatory, VaR and stress models, managed entry into the base metals market (in early 90s) and subsequently auctioned the base metals book (in 2002). He structured derivative and risk solutions for a range of clients. He created and directed the Market Risk Advisory Group and advised clients in mining, energy and the financial industries in risk strategies and derivative instruments. He chaired the hedge group committee in the Ashanti crisis and auctioned Rothschilds’ bullion and energy books when they left these markets.

In his capacity as CEO of Cambridge Risk, he has advised a number of mining companies on hedge strategies, banks on risk models and Treasury controls and acted as an expert witness on a case between a leading software supplier and LME metal broker.

Donald has served on the board of the Association of Mining Analysts, and has spoken at conferences in Africa and Australia on mining and hedging.