Public Courses

EJJ International has partnered with Euromoney to deliver public courses on commodity derivatives in London and Singapore.

This practical commodities course has been designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of the commodity derivatives markets, hedging strategies and risk management techniques to effectively manage commodity exposure.

The first part of the programme is an introduction to the main commodity asset classes, their market structures and the main players in the commodity markets. It also introduces the concepts of derivatives instruments used in commodity trading.

The second part of the programme focuses on how to manage commodity price exposure through hedging techniques using exchange traded and OTC derivatives. Drawing upon numerous examples, and through the use of industry-specific case studies and workshops, participants will learn several techniques for dealing with the scope and complexity of commodities trading and risk management.  The course also explores the investment vehicles available for accessing commodity exposure and the financing options in the commodities sector, including: royalties and streaming; project finance; corporate facilities; trade and export finance.

When the course is run in London it includes a visit to the London Metal Exchange trading floor.

The course currently runs in a 3-day format.  It can be extended to 5-days to allow for additional topics, case studies and workshops to deliver a deeper treatment of the entire subject area.

For currently scheduled dates, refer to Upcoming Courses.