London Bullion Market Association

The London Bullion Market Association (the “LBMA”) is the fulcrum for the global OTC precious metal markets. LBMA sets standards from the purity, form and provenance of the bars to the way in which they are traded.

EJJ International delivers virtual and in-classroom training courses for LBMA.

Introduction to Loco London offers a detailed and definitive primer for any investor or institution looking to understand and take part in the global over-the-counter (OTC) precious metals market. The course covers:

  • Good Delivery: Physical specifications for bars, metal accounts, clearing and vaulting
  • Price basics: Spot and forward prices, forward curves, contango and backwardation
  • LBMA prices: Price discovery and auctions
  • Derivatives: Forwards and options, OTC and exchange traded markets, ETPs
  • Leasing metal: Why lease metal, how it works, lease rates
  • LBMA: Projects, membership and the future

For currently scheduled dates, refer to Upcoming Courses.