EJJ International, alongside the London Metal Exchange and Euromoney, delivered a series of webinars covering the derivative instruments offered by the LME.  Register with BrightTALK to view all the sessions in the series.

“Basic principles well explained and questions were answered confidently”, Retired LME broker

“Extremely clear, and a very good start for people that need to understand hedging and the possibilities”, ABB

““Amazing webinar! Couldn’t be better! Impressed! Both the stuff/material provided, the duration and the practical examples are excellent! Thank you so much”, Trafigura Mining Group


28 May 2019
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The first webinar introduces the concept of risk and shows how LME futures and options can reduce risk.

25 June 2019
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The second webinar illustrates how floating payments can be converted to fixed payments using physically settled futures.

15 August 2019
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The third webinar in the series looks at cash settled futures and includes an example of using futures to stabilise profit margins.

9 October 2019
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The fourth webinar in this series explains how the price references are determined and what they are used for. Differences between official and closing prices are clarified.

21 January 2020
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The fifth webinar describes what carries are and how to use them. It explains the difference between borrowing and lending and examines the impact of the forward curve on carry trades.

31 March 2020
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The sixth session explores more applications of carry trades.  Examples include using carries to managing price risks that fall on less liquid prompt dates, and locking in the shape of the forward curve.

17 June 2020
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The seventh webinar is a primer on basic option terminology. When is an option in-, at- or out-of-the-money? When should an option be exercised and how?

8 September 2020
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The eighth webinar looks at using LME traded options to manage price risk and compares the outcome to using futures. It also clarifies what happens when an option is declared or abandoned.

2 November 2020
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The ninth webinar looks further at using LME traded options. It compares what happens when options with different strikes are used to manage the same price risk.

Rescheduled to 2 February 2021
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The tenth webinar looks at the second type of option product, the financially settled traded average price option (TAPO). When should a TAPO be used in preference to a traded option?

11 May 2021
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The eleventh webinar describes the warehousing network and delivery mechanics that underpin the physically settled base metals contracts.

6 July 2021
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This webinar revisits the most popular topic in the series and links the Q&A to relevant modules in the series.

14 September 2021
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The thirteenth webinar takes a look at the forward curve and explains why contango and backwardation arise.

14 December 2021
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The fourteenth webinar examines the cash-settled futures which use prices published by price reporting agencies (PRAs). The differences between spot PRA prices, LME forward and settlement prices are explained.