Together or separate?

The LBMA’s introductory courses on the loco London market are designed as two independent modules, which can be taken consecutively or independently. Last week’s courses saw over half of the attendees on the first module continue straight to the second module. The remaining attendees on the “How to use loco London” course had all previously attended the “Introduction to loco London”. It was wonderful to see so many returning for more training. It is a clear indication that the courses are fulfilling a need.

It is absolutely not a prerequisite to complete the first module in order to join the second. So, what suits you best? A two-day deep dive, or one day followed by a refresher and more advanced material a few months later?

“The course was exactly what I needed in terms of content and duration.”

“Excellent mix of lecturing and workshop activities, with enough breaks to allow me to follow for a full day”

“Expertly delivered – pitched at an appropriate level and very engaging”

“Understanding was possible at all levels of English”

The next run of the first module is timed to cater for the Asian time zone and will run over two consecutive afternoons (Singapore time) on 26 & 27 September. It is anticipated that the second module will run again towards the end of the year.

Follow this link to secure your place.