My heart is in Havana

Just as “Havana”  by Camila Cabello was topping the charts around the world, a select group of Cuban bankers took part in the “Understanding Commodity Derivatives” course organised by the Banco Central de Cuba with the assistance of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Havana.  The course was the second in a series of courses facilitated by GBRW Learning, and the first to be simultaneously translated into Spanish, with course materials provided in both languages.
The intensely practical focus of the course was appreciated as many participants’ prior experience had been largely theoretical.  The sessions concentrated on the commodities most relevant to Cuba, and illustrated techniques for managing price risk, stabilising the value of cargoes used as collateral, and dealing with the inevitable delays and physical format variations.  Those who completed the course should also be well equipped to adapt these techniques to other asset classes.

A minor confusion between honey (miel) and iron ore (hierro) made us laugh.  We all know what we would prefer to have on toast in the morning.