More than you bargain for

Attendees on this week’s London Metal Exchange  / Euromoney Learning introductory courses definitely got more than they bargained for.

An integral part of these courses are the side discussions that develop from questions raised by attendees.  This week there was a tremendous willingness to share real-life experiences.  When a consumer, new to hedging, was querying how to manage their US Midwest aluminium premium exposure, a physical trader shared their practical approach to premium risk in Europe.  On the options day, discussions included applying options to manage escalation clauses in concentrate agreements.  These bonus topics always make the few days more enriching and enjoyable.

I was able to understand more about what our clients do in terms of hedging and LME contracts.

The trainer was patient and explained the concepts precisely.

It was a pleasure to learn from someone who has lots of experience and knowledge about how LME works practically and theoretically.

Courses are scheduled to coincide with the business day in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.  Check out Upcoming Courses to find a date and time zone that works for you.