Keep calm and carry on

This week’s sixth webinar in the series of LMEEuromoney seminars delved into more detailed uses of LME carry trades, looking at hedging less liquid prompt dates and locking in the shape of the forward curve.  At this difficult time, it was heartening to see so many participating in the live webinar, and engaging with the audience polls and Q&A.  It is proof that the world adapts and carries on.

The feedback speaks for itself:

“Amazing webinar! Couldn’t be better! Impressed! Both the stuff/material provided, the duration and the practical examples are excellent! Thank you so much.”

“I like the pace of these sessions. It is very clear. It covers complicated topics but explains it in a very digestible way.”

The next webinar is scheduled for 17th June and will start to look at the types of options available on the LME.  All webinars can be accessed here.