Are there any questions?

This week’s London Metal Exchange / Euromoney Learning courses were attended by a range of participants from all parts of the supply chain and with varying degrees of existing knowledge of the LME.  The courses assume no prior knowledge and seek to build confidence in those new to the market, as well as challenging and extending the range of the more experienced participants.

There certainly was no shortage of questions throughout.  One advantage of virtual delivery is that a shy, less confident attendee can pass questions directly to the trainer via a private chat, so their queries do not get drowned out by the more dominant participants.

“The speech and presentation were very inspiring”

“Great course, it exceeded my expectations”

“No one felt they had to hold back from asking questions”

The next courses will take place during LME Week (25-27 October) and will see a welcome return to the classroom.  Virtual courses are scheduled to coincide with the business day in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.  Check out Upcoming Courses to find a date and time zone that works for you.