We were there

Last week’s attendees on Euromoney’s Commodity Derivatives course were fortunate to watch an exciting closing trading session for nickel, kindly facilitated by the London Metal Exchange.

The flurry of activity in the final moments of the ring, was instantaneously reflected in the prices visible on the electronic platform.  It was very satisfying reviewing the price chart the following morning, relating our on-hand viewing of the market to the price movement.

The LME visit is just one aspect of this comprehensive three-day course which covers the major commodity sectors and related derivatives techniques. The learning approach is practical, with several case studies and workshops offering opportunities to explore concepts at a deeper level.

“Everything is useful and on a high level professional approach. Likes it big time and definitely will bring my colleagues next year.” Sberbank

The course will run in London and Singapore during 2020:
London: 11-13 May 2020 and 17-19 November 2020
Singapore: 22-24 September 2020

Click here for more information and to register.

Record numbers during LME Week

LME Week is always busy, but this year saw record numbers attending the LME introductory training courses.

The courses upgrade knowledge and offer an excellent networking opportunity where topics not on the course agenda can be explored with other market participants.  To give a flavour of the spread of attendees, in just one corner we had Nicole, Nikita and Nikola, representing Australia, Estonia and Bulgaria, and working for a packaging company, a physical trader and an LME member.

“Excellent course and would recommend to anybody wanting to get an understanding of the LME”, Environmental Impact Group

“Emma is very professional and her way of explaining helped me understand all the concepts. She was available all the time, she encouraged us to ask questions and to have open discussions”. Lexar Commodities

“The trainer worked 1 on 1 with those students that needed additional help.” Nordmet Invest

The final course of the year will be in New York (10-12 December). 2020 dates are being finalised and will be available for booking shortly. Check out Upcoming Courses for a full schedule and links to secure your place.



Listen live? Listen later?

This week’s fourth webinar in the series of LMEEuromoney seminars discussed LME price references, clarifying the differences between Official and Closing Prices.  We had excellent questions coming through the live Q&A, and many are listening to the recording as and when it suits.  Indeed, the first webinar – The Fundamentals of Hedging on the LME – continues to attract new listeners.

The next webinar is scheduled for 21st January and will discuss LME carries.  You can access all webinars here.

From the beginning to the end

Last week’s LME courses in London typified the range of participants in the metals markets.  We had several miners, plus attendees from across the value chain, right up to a buyer for the foil that wraps chocolates.  The materials are also designed to take absolute beginners through to good understanding of the LME, and there are always topics to challenge the more experienced participants. 

“A great course that I would recommend to everybody who works in the metal market”, Nexans

 “Training well organized and well explained”, Ferrero Trading

 “The trainer was great! Clear, concise, knows her stuff inside and out and able to answer questions perfectly”, Vale

Check out Upcoming Courses for a full schedule of courses and links to secure your place.  The next London course is during LME week (29-31 October).  This tends to fill up quickly so do make sure you book early.  The year wraps up with a final course in New York (10-12 December).


Keep calm and carry on

So much for third time lucky!  Our third webinar in the series of LMEEuromoney seminars hit a bit of a road-bump.  The technology platform had a technical glitch just as we went live, and threw participants and my co-presenters out of the system.  Luckily the webinar recorded successfully and is available to listen to on this link.  See if you can spot the stutters when my co-presenter and I were elbowing one another out of the way to control the slides and the audience polls from the same laptop.

The next webinar is scheduled for 9th October and will discuss LME price references.  Click here to register.  We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the platform behaves.


Summer heatwaves

Last week’s LME courses in New York were well timed, managing to come after the recent New York heatwave and missing the hottest day in the UK since records began.  The US courses typically have a smaller group size which allows for more tailored discussions and time to delve deeper into the topics raised in the course materials.  We had excellent engagement in discussions and occasionally the air-conditioning couldn’t quite limit the heat generated.

“Definitely a course I would recommend to novice learners regarding the LME. provides a great foundation of knowledge to move forward with any LME learning or training.” Traxys

“Trainer was excellent – deep practical knowledge, and very effective teaching style and demeanor.” Hydro Aluminium

“Very valuable. Trainer was amazing.” Rio Tinto

Check out Upcoming Courses for a full schedule for 2019 and links to secure your place.  September courses are in London (2-4 Sept) and Dubai (17-19 Sept). 
The next New York course is 10-12 December 2019.

Lucky mascot

Meet Sir Gregor the goat, the new lucky mascot for Euromoney’s sale force.  He was most recently seen supervising the preparations and broadcast of the second LME Education webinar.

To listen to this and other webinars, and to register for future webinars, visit our webinar page.


It takes all sorts

Frequently participants on LME training courses comment on the diversity of attendees.  This week’s attendees at the London course were spread right across the metals value chain, and associated services. There were different backgrounds, nationalities and intriguing previous careers, including a former policeman now working at a regulator. The diversity makes for interesting discussions which definitely enhance the learning experience.

“Came away with much better knowledge of LME and hedging”, Less Common Metals

“Explained clearly in layman’s language.  Plenty of examples”, Société Générale

“Good teaching language used (one of the best I’ve seen)”, Epoch Capital

Check out Upcoming Courses for a full schedule for 2019 and links to secure your place.  The next course is in New York (23-25 July).  September courses are in London (2-4 Sept) and Dubai (17-19 Sept).

And the winner is …..

When you know you are not in the running for the “Deal of the Year”, you can always go for the “Best Dressed”…..

Our Managing Director was shocked to be picked out as the winner at the recent TXF conference on global commodity finance in Amsterdam. It’s just as well the guitar was inflatable as she really can’t play.  The flower power theme made for a great atmosphere over the few days.   

Got a spare 30 minutes?

We had a great response to our first webinar run in partnership with the London Metal Exchange and Euromoney.  The webinar gave a brief overview of basic risk concepts and how risk could be addressed using futures and options.  Live feedback from the participants who already use LME instruments told us that 43% were only using futures while the remaining 57% were combining options with futures in their risk management strategies.

Visit our webinar page to find links to listen again and to register for the next webinar on 25 June which will discuss hedging with futures in more detail.

“Basic principles well explained and questions were answered confidently”, Retired LME broker