Building on the basics

Last week the London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) ran the popular “Introduction to loco London” course and the new follow-on course, “How to use Loco London”.  No prior market knowledge is assumed for attendees of the “Introduction to” course.  The second course is suitable for those with some prior experience of the precious metals markets who are looking for a deeper treatment of the derivatives discussed during the first course.

The “How to use” course includes several worked examples and has time set aside to allow the examples to be extended to the specific circumstances of the attendees. Last week, following questions raised, we looked at how same day pricing of physical links up with existing forward contracts, and how to determine if a forward swap position is making or losing money as the forward curve changes shape.

The smiling faces at the end of the courses made us think we had done a good job, and the formal feedback has confirmed it.

“This was run and delivered exceptionally.  Even with COVID restrictions it felt like you were actually on the course and it was very interactive.”

 “Very good theoretical and practical domain knowledge.”

“Excellent format and good content.  The second course followed on well from the previous course.”

Future course dates are being firmed up and will be confirmed shortly. Keep an eye on Upcoming Courses for dates and links to register.